Electronic Money Transfer Service

Persica is known to be Toronto’s best currency exchange service provider and is officially licensed by the financial and regulatory organization of Canada. It is well-equipped for electronic money transfer with a staff that has experts in the field of banking and accounting. Persica is running successfully with the tireless efforts of the board of directors with only vision of serving the people. You can easily avail currency exchange services and money remittance services just by visiting our website.

Over the years, Persica has set benchmarks in providing excellent services to the customers. It assures a safe and secure money transfer on the same day regardless of where your receiver is. We provide finest services for foreign currency exchange at affordable rates and maintain a high transparency so that our customers can trust us for money transfer.

In order to transfer money to countries outside of Canada please see below:

If you want to send drafts to any Canadian Banks, except RBC and Royal Bank of Canada, please provide us with the information and documents below and send it to : info@Persica.me

  • Bank’s name
  • Bank’s address
  • First and last name of account holder
  • Account holder’s address
  • Account number
  • Swift Code
  • Transit number
  • The reason why you are sending the draft
  • A copy of the first page of your Canadian passport

Persica does not receive any fees for this method of money transfer. The international currency transfer fee is $30 which must be paid at the bank of origin. The destination bank usually charges a ‘deposit to account’ fee which is typically $10 to $35, depending on the amount of money.

It typically takes 3 to 5 working days from the day the money is transferred to the day it is received in Canadian banks. In case false information is used, the money sender is responsible for any money return, lost time and money return fees.

You can simply download the file below, fill the form which contains all the necessary information and send it to our email address (Info@Persica.me). Please attach a copy of the first page of your Iranian or Canadian Passport to the email.
Download the file (Word File) Download the file(PDF file)
Money Transfer Within Canada

Dear customers living in other cities in Canada, please notice:

According to FINTRAC organization regulations regarding the transfer of amounts over $ 1,000, money transfer and changers must personally see the sender identification card. Due to the distance between the cities you can choose one of the following options.

  • Prepare a copy of your ID (preferably a driver’s license).

    Visit someone who has the official seal of the Government of Canada, such as Notary Publics, Family Doctors, CPAs, Engineers .P.eng, Psychologist. Please ask them to match your ID card copy with the original one and sign and seal the copy for us.

    Send the mentioned copy via mail to.

    Upon receipt of the copy, Currency Exchange Persica will be ready to serve you in order to transfer your money.

  • A.Prepare a copy of your ID (preferably a driver’s license).

    Write out a $1 cheque for Hamidreza Karimi.

    Send the mentioned cheque and the copy of your ID card via mail to

    Persica will attempt to cash the 1$ cheque.